To serve you with the best products available in the market, we have a large complex with 3 plants, a propetary railroad spur, a distribution center and "Research and Development Center".

Plant 1

Our first plant, established in 1997, produces a complete line of black compounds, engineered for the complete spectrum of customer needs and applications.
Capacity: 1500 tons per month

Plant 2

Dedicated to production of the highest quality specialty compounds.
Capacity: 2000 tons per month

Plant 3

A high-capacity facility dedicated to the pulverization of natural resins, this plant is fully automated to maximize quality and efficiency in powder resins.

Proprietary Railroad Spur

Our direct connection with the primary petrochemical plants in North America allows us to manage high material volumes and provide instantaneous response to customer needs.

Distribution Center

With 1500 tons of material on the floor at all times, we provide immediate and efficient response to customers' material needs.

Research and Development Center

New products are engineered and tested prior to launch, allowing customers to stay ahead of market needs.