The market has spoken, and we’ve responded: Polimeros USA is bringing its years of experience and innovative leadership to the U.S. rotomolding industry.

As a recognized expert in rotomolding, we’ve built global partnerships by providing the right compounds and technical support to solve our customers’ most challenging needs.

Initiating U.S. operations in 2012 as Polimeros USA, we have the support of an experienced multinational manufacturer, Polímeros Mexicanos, which has provided innovative compounds to the global rotomolding industry since 1997.

Our objective at Polimeros USA is simple: to become the supply chain partner of choice for rotomolding compounds in the U.S. We will accomplish this objective by providing the highest quality products and services, delivered at competitive prices, and creating a unique, value-added experience for our customers.

We’re ready to put our energy and experience to work for you today, and have what it takes to mold a profitable future for your rotomolding business.

The highest Quality
The highest Quality